Self design or not?

The ways how the artwold of today functions is not better than any other commercialized piece of the modern society puzzle. The hierachies are more than ever present, success of the individual artist is totally dependent on how 'smart' you express yourself, which references you use, your social contact's and how good you are on marketeing your personal assets.

They say about healthcare today 'You have to be healthy to be sick'. In the artworld it could be - You have to ADAPT in marketing yourself and get sponsored in order  to be critical of the very system you act inside. You cannot be ADHD when you seek exhibition opportunities and projects in which to show your work. You might build your own alternative platforms or find underground variants of showing but these mostly does not pay off for your efforts. If you want dough for survival you have to adapt the system.

The fact that contemporary art also is part a commercialized system of marketing and that the artist himself/herself becomes a product can be illustrated by Boris Groys talking about self design of the artist, which Markus Degerman is writing about in his article; Svag presentationsestetik, Paletten 4:2012.

"Att tillhandahålla färdigformulerade anekdoter, enkla historier eller referenser för ett bekvämt urval har därigenom utvecklats till en väsentlig del i uppbyggandet av ett konstnärskap”. Degerman continues to suggest "... ett estetiskt motstånd för att producera och infiltrera sammanhang med svaga produkter, det vill säga produkter med en svag presentationsestetik." Which means something like; aesthetic resistance to produce and infiltrate contexts with weak products, that is products with a weak presentation aesthetics. As I understand it, go against the usual types of marketing, professional socializing and presentations of ones work.

I believe this can be a way of putting up a resistance but there's only thing I have to comment on and that is a a bit of the same difficulty I have encountered when showing my works. And that is to be able to use a weak presentation aesthetics and not to be misunderstood doing it, I believe you have to achieve a certain level of recognition and to do that you have to act within the system. The very system and by the same rules you now want to undermine and criticize.

In my relatively small field of ceramics and craft I have achieved such a position by my education at Konstfack, exhibiting in som recognized galleries, been written about in some magazines and papers etc. and now exhibiting in Liljevalchs konsthall. Now, nobody could deny I'm a 'real artist' And Degerman certainly has too with his successful and great Ugly cute.

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