Kader Attias repairs

A parenthesis when talking about design, I would also like to see a design that takes repair and exchanging of parts into consideration. That is making products that you don't throw away when they break as you do with a lot of things today. Especially when it comes electronics, mobile phones, home cinema etc. where the hysteria of always owning the latest technology, functions and products seem to peak into the size of Mount Everest.

I'd also like to show Kader Attias - The Repair From Occident To Extra-Occidental Cultures - dOCUMENTA(13). As a part of his installation he showed these images of ceramic pots mended by drilling and sewing the cracked pieces together. It might seem touching that someone made such an effort when seemingly, when it comes to ceramics, it would be easier to make or buy a new one, but the real reason is probably that the persons repairing this pots did not have the means or money to get a new one. These are probably repaired out of pure necessity, the only alternative if you wan't something to store seeds or bring water in.

He also showed these wooden busts of wounded soldiers of world war I. Also sewn together and repaired. This piece was one of many in dOCUMENTA(13) which had an impact on me.

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