Designing individuality

So, how do I set up a resistance against streamlined production and also encourage individuality in life, phenomenons, etc. ?

What can be more individual than the ...

... fingerprint

Fingerprints has been present in my work ever since my time in Konstfack and even if it was not anything I thought about at that time it can be read as a symbol and metaphor for individuality. These are the oldest works I'm showing in this site, though I think there's a point in showing them since they actually represent an attempt of designing an industrial production process more individual.

I don't believe we can easily pull the brakes of mass production, but as designers maybe we can design things that are less suited for it, things that are more sustainable and unique, more easily making the user connect to and create a special bond to the object. Make him/her want to keep it and care for it rather than throw it away after a while. Instead of streamlining the production I would like to see a more personal and unique craft and design. It might get (but not necessary) more expensive, but I like to believe the buyers are willing to pay for a higher quality, longer sustainability and character.

With these containers, vases and bowls I made a plaster original with the main figure and on the surface of it, before I made the mould for production/slipcasting I put a thin layer of clay on the original and pressed these fingerprint patterns on them. This way I could relatively fast and easy make each new mould with an individual pattern, resulting in small series of different patterned objects.

These were made in a design course 1996 during my education at Konstfack. The Rörstrand and Orrefors projects where the students competed to win short periods of working and designing in the factories. I believe I was close winning but the industrial representatives considered these pieces as in swedish "formslappa" meaning something like shapes that are saggy.

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