These issues have got me thinking of term - normality - in a social context. What is normal and which factors decide what is considered 'normal' when it comes to moral values, behaviour, stuff we like like/dislike etc. How do we communicate these normal values among ourselves in social networks etc and how does the society communicate it to us?

~ Normailty/Normalcy Wikipedia

This is Vandana Shiva, environmental activist, eco feminist and physicist  from India, who I had the benefit of listening to live in Kassel during a workshop in dOCUMENTA(13) I was invited to attend.

These quotes of hers are taken out its context. She is talking about large agricultural companies like Monsanto genetically modifying seeds (actual life) to resist chemicals used as pesticides. By doing that she says, you are practically streamlining life and reducing it's individuality. All modified seeds are highly unstable and dependant of specific conditions and specific chemicals you have to use in combination with the seeds to make them produce. The modified seeds are spreading with the wind and outcompetes the natural ones forcing the neighbouring farmers to buy the company seeds and pesticides for high prices.

For me though, these quotes can also be read in a wider perspective. This is an excerpt from my feedback to the Nature Addicts Fund! organizing the workshop I attended in Kassel

Kicking in an open door maybe, but of course, the capital is controlling consumption and culture and thereby also controlling and setting standards for what we believe we need, what we believe is normal. So, setting up a resistance against consumer society and these arbitrary produced normalcies, beauties and correctnesses is important for me.

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