What is art to me?

So, I do art, but what is art to me and why do i do it?

As artists we are not Politicians or Journalists, we are the ADHD and tourettes-symptoms of society, and be should proud to be just that. We have no obligation to be correct or truthful, we can use fiction and distortion, but in the end paradoxically, often we actually can be more true than the journalist or politician ever can be.

Art as ADHD, of course, this is one way of thinking of art which can be so many things but I think this can be a constructive way of thinking in in relation to that we don't always need to do beautiful, politically correct stuff or even wantable by other people. And certainly not profitable.

ADHD is uncomfortable. We who might consider ourselves as sound and openminded people like to think we have an acceptance and try to respond in a considerate way meeting people we KNOW have an ADHD-diagnose. But a person with ADHD does not always behave like us, he/she often does not know what politically correct is. He/she is hyperactive, saying without thinking first and thereby in a way truth saying in a way that we are not, changing focus all the time because in his/her mind there are high speed train of thoughts running all the time at parallel tracks which is very difficult and exhausting for the individual. And that can be very hard for us to cope no matter how openminded we think we are. We are more or less threatened and uncomfortable when confronted with people who are not like us, does not behave like us. No matter the differences are cultural or as in this case neuropsychological or even physical.

In my point of view, art can be and have a potential to be excactly that. Uncomfortable, saying without thinking, being sensible and inhaling imprints of the world around us. A lot of parallell tracks in our minds so that we quickly can change perspective without a lot of claims of truth and references.

My subjective idea of art is being a kind of measuring instrument showing the societal and cultural temperature at a certain point. A sensible expression of the time we live in. And I mean sensible in the meaning of sensation, that is sensibly experiencing the world around us. Certainly not being sensible and careful in what we choose to present. For me art does not have to be specifically innovative as long as it says something about the time, or rather says something to the people living in that time.

What we as artists can do, I think, is to observe, inhale and feel the time we live in. Subjectively openmindedly and uncritically and then express and depict what we see, use our interests and senses and represent without asking yourself whether it's good, clever, beautiful, correct, right or wrong.

BUT, and there is a big but here, ADHD-symptoms is not rewarded in society nor in the art-world. At best they are ignored or treated with politically correct but patronizing consideration. To sell our artistic works and our artist person we cannot be ADHD, we have to adapt into the system.

As an artist today we are our own entrepreneur and must act as such including marketing, financing and social networking. We are economically dependent on the very system we observe and being that we cannot observe it uncritically, we are forced to adapt into the system.

So, in reality we also do things that are more or less reqiured of us, but maybe we can hope at least to be one of the most independent sources of information there is in society today.

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