The best piece I've ever made!

This is the name of the project I've applied Research Lab at Konstfack with. What do you think of this one?

You don't have to answer! I myself had a hard time coping with this one for a long time. Very strange figure, badly made and glazed with a transparent glaze in order to effectively kill the last thing that might be considered beautiful with this one. That is the matte and raw porcelain surface with fingerprints and prints I had made on it with leafs.

When I first showed it was part of a larger installation and the lower part of it was wrapped in cloth, so only the top of the boot was actually visible. Still, I haven't been able to repress it from my mind, contrarywise I've been thinking a lot about it, wondering what it is about it that affects me so much.

For me it is an expressive piece, uncomfortable, but quite strong. And I think that one of the reasons that I'm uncomfortable with it, is that it is picturing something, a strange motif, in this case an upside down 17th century boot, but not picturing it that well implying that it is made by a hobbyist or beginner in making sculpture and ceramics.

There is nothing in it that says that it actually is made by a professional artist with a Master of Fine Art in a ceramics and glass department (Konstfack, University college of arts craft and design, Stockholm) such as myself. And maybe we as artists still have it in us that if we try to picture something we should do it well or at least with some skillfull recognizable picturing manner, like in an impressionistic painting, cubistic abstraction of the motif or even naivistic or simplyfing it to some kind of a sign of a boot.

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