Our friends often comes and visits us

In my second solo exhibition, at Agata in 2001, I made my first piece since Konstfack with a title, color and a more apparent concept. Before then almost all my pieces were untitled, white porcelain sculptures like the ones I have shown in my examination in Konstfack.

The title is 'Our friends often comes and visits us' and shows a model of me and my family living in a house on the countryside in an imagined future, and with it comes a text describing the image.

It's not meant to be the one dream, more like one possible place you might want to travel to. Like in a god computer game, for instance Farmville, each time you start a new game you start building something new that differs from the last time, but most of the saves will still represent a place/farm you want to be the mastermind of. In the case of my sculptural house on the countryside, it was important that the image was just as realistic so that I could believe in it. Important that within a 10 year period such a situation could be possible to achieve.

Using my personal life like this and even sculpting myself and my family populating the model was a way of  touching the viewer, make the experience of it stronger, to make him/her feel good because it is a feel good image and hopefully imagine him-/herself situated in the same setting.  

It does show and imply a perfect future, a romantic image of what might become if everything goes right. Even our friends often comes and visits us which otherwise might be one of the fears that they wouldn't if we moved to the countryside. Looking closely though you can discern  that the picture is not all that good. There are cracks going through the porcelain with sharp edges, some parts are unpainted and it was also important for me that the ceramic pieces had contact when puzzled together even though the fitting between them were far from correct. I want the viewer to almost hear the uncomfortable sound of ceramics itching against ceramics.

So in this piece, for the first time a duality reveals in my works between encouraging to fantasize about something better when on the other hand letting the harsh reality shine through in details and in making. And this particular duality might well be one of the main cores in my following works and something I'm getting back to over and over again as my works gets more figurative and becomes titled.

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