Objet d'art n'existe pas!

"Nature does not exist" Zizek says. Lacan's declaration "La femme n'existe pas!" "Woman does not exist!" was intended as a counter to patriarchal and idealized views of women; similarily, Zizek's intention is to offset sentimental ideas of a balanced world that humanity has disturbed but to which it might somehow return.

"How to enjoy nature", Detail, Humbrol on wood, Linus Ersson, Art Ii Biennale of northern environmental and sculpture art, Ii, Finland

I say 'Objet d'art n'existe pas!' 'Craft does not exist!" "Konsthantverk finns inte" ;) ...with the intention to offset sentimental ideas of craft and of the notions of aesthetics, beauty and skill that lies within the term.

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