"Nature the destroyer", Zizek

Quoting Slavoj Zizek, A graphic guide, Christopher Kul-Want & Piero

Countering liberal ideas about of ecology, Zizek points out that Nature is actually composed from vast amounts of destruction. On this subject Zizek belives that the theory of evolution proposed by Charles Darwin was wrong: "Darwin believed that the myriad designs of Nature are perfectly honed to to do whatever they are meant to do: enabling animals to see, to feed and to take nourishment from the sun."

During dOCUMENTA(13) The Naturkundemuseum, Ottoneum in Kassel housed works with environmental and agricultural themes.

No! Nature tinkers and improvises, with great catastophes accompanying every limited success. In every point in the history of nature things could have taken a different path and turned out differently.

"Nature does not exist"

Lacan's declaration "La femme n'existe pas!" "Woman does not exist!" was intended as a counter to patriarchal and idealized views of women; similarily, Zizek's intention is to offset sentimental ideas of a balanced world that humanity has disturbed but to which it might somehow return.

The ususal - liberal - reaction to the ecological crisis is to try to find a way back to "the earth's natural balance". But Zizek believes this is a way of eluding the true dimension of the crisis.

Mark Dion, Hexagonal oak wood display case, Presentation architecture for the Schildbach Xylotheque (wood library) of the Ottoneum, from the late 18th Century.

...we must renounce all sentimental ideas about the universe: humanity does not - and never did have - a ground or a natural balance to return to. For Zizek our existence is utterly contingent and beyond our control.

The ecological crisis offers the most stringent experience of humanity's empty and meaningless existence.

This is important since it strips away any residual romantic or religious ideas about ourselves and the environment we live in.

"Our present political masters cannot be trusted."

"Indeed they usher in further catastrophic changes because their mindset is so limited, simply administrating the situation in line with capitalist interests."

Zizek's Manifesto for the earth

The Disease of charity

Many companies, of whom Starbucks are a prime excample, now give a percentage of their product's cost to a recognized world charity or an organization working in the developing world. This combination of consumerism with an ethical dimension is Zizek believes "Cultural capitalism at its purest - in the very consumerist act you buy redemption from being a consumerist. "

Oscar Wilde in his essay "The soul of Man Under Socialism", "Charity does not cure the disease but rather simply prolongs it."

Private property cannot be made to solve the problems engendered by private property.

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